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written by Rash

Hello dear teeworlds players, our team decided to reopen recrutation so if you are looking for a active clan check our requirements:

  • you are at least 16 years old
  • you will be active
  • you agree to attend to most of the trainings which are everyday at 21 CET(GMT +1)
  • you are able to use TeamSpeak 3 during trainings and clan wars
  • your english is good enough to communicate with you
  • you won't whine, cry, no trash talk to our members or to any other players, you will act mature

If you fulfill above requirements feel free to write application on our board(the most important is activity!).

written by szyker

Yesterday I decided to finally accept Estonia Gloryhole to clan. While he was apply he proved that he will be active member of our team. Also he improved his skill a lot. Thats why we have new member, but you still should make your microphone work! Don't think that if you are in clan you shouldn't use TeamSpeak properly wink Anyway welcome and I am glad that you have finally full rights in our clan.

written by szyker


This month our activity was little worse then in previous months. It's because there is less activity on vanilla scene at all. Anyway we still managed to play 35 clan wars and for the first time we won more of them then we lost. Poland Rash again is the most active member with 23 cws, hattrick for him. On 2nd place also for third time is me, Poland szyker but this time ex equo with our new member Ukraine Sullivan . The third is Ukraine X-outing . Congrats!

Who joined us:

  • Gekkon
  • Gish
  • Ukraine Sullivan 
  • Estonia Gloryhole 
  • Who left us:

  • Gekkon (left)
  • Gish (left)
  • Clan war stats:

    clanwars: 35
    won clanwars: 20
    lost clanwars: 10
    draw clanwars: 5
    won rounds: 55
    lost rounds: 36

    Players clan war stats:

    http://www.crossfire.nu/images/icons/cup_gold.gifPoland Rash with 23 cws
    http://www.crossfire.nu/images/icons/cup_silver.gifUkraine Sullivan & Poland szyker with 21 cws
    http://www.crossfire.nu/images/icons/cup_bronze.gifUkraine X-outing with 18 cws
    5. Poland onMouseOver with 15 cws
    6. Belgium angela with 14 cws
    7. Poland Thallium with 13 cws
    8. Poland Olo with 9 cws
    9. Poland Tobi ^.^ with 8 cws
    10. Poland Avaron & v!lla with 3 cws
    11. Poland Uriell with 2 cws
    12. Estonia Gloryhole with 1 cw

    written by szyker


    I decided to closed recrutation for some time. We have so many new members at the moment that there is a little chaos in our clan. We need to build a good cooperation between old and new clan members, then we gonna think again about opening recrutation for new players.

    written by szyker